Welcome To Decibel, a Leader in Home Entertainment Solutions

Decibel is Chennai's leading Home Entertainment Solutions provider. Whether you are looking for a simple stereo setup or a full blown Home Theater, you can expect only the best from Decibel. Our customers get the best personal service and expert advice.

We offer the following solutions to improve your home experience:

  • Home Theaters that can be integrated into an existing room or a dedicated home theater room
  • High Performance Music Systems for a concert-like music listening experience in your home
  • Home Automation Control systems that integrates your Audio, Video, Security, Climate control, Lighting, motorized window treatments into an intuitive, easy-to-use iPad/Android application.
  • Whole House Music and Video Systems that deliver Music and Video to every room in the house
  • Outdoor Music Systems that bring music outdoors
  • Home Computer Networks and Media Servers

  • Value for Money
    At Decibel, we strive to give our customers the best value for their money. A valuable lesson we have learnt from our experience is that a higher price doesn't necessarily mean a better product. In every price range, we look for the best equipment and that reflects in what we keep on demo with us at any given time. Whatever your budget, whatever the looks, whatever the requirements, bring it on!

    Entertainment and Convenience
    We know that you want a relaxing and comfortable environment. Every system we design has this in mind. We use the best of breed equipment and using our design skills, translate these individual pieces of equipment into state-of-the-art home entertainment zone. Even the most complicated system is made easy to use with our integrated control systems.

    The Decibel Experience
    We want you to have a personalized experience and we hope to get to know you and understand your needs, dreams and aspirations. There is much more to us than just great products and solutions. We listen more than we talk. Decibel hopes to make your audio visual experience a happy one.