Automation and Integration
We provide end-to-end home automation integration including lights, fans, AC, curtain control, security, AV control, networking and wi-fi. Our aim is to deliver the best user experience with least required user intervention in order to achieve the desired results, intuitively and seamlessly.

Product Consultation
What's right for your ears? Our speciality is in helping you decide what's right for you after understanding all your specifications.

Site Evaluation and Home Demonstration
You can't carry your living room to our place? Don't worry. Our specialist will be more than pleased to bring the equipment to your place to help you decide.

Multi-Zone AV Distribution
With our multi zone, multi source distribution solutions, each member of the family can enjoy their favourite music or movies without fighting for the same remote.

Acoustic Consultation
Getting the right equipment is only half the story. To get it to sound great, your ambience needs a little bit of tailoring. Our acoustic consultant will help you re-create the right sound at the right place.

Installation Support
Maybe you just want a pair of speakers. Or maybe you want the whole nine yards. Either way, we'll be there to give you the right connections, setup and calibration.

Product Training
Most of the time, the instruction manual needs an instruction manual! No sweat. We'll take you through all the features, setting and functions.

Home Theatre Interiors
The carpet guy, the furniture guy, the lights guy... why chase so many people to get your home theatre room done up? Our in-house interior consultant will help you bring to life your dream theater.

After Sales Support
We are authorized dealers and service centre for all products that we represent. That means reliability and prompt service under one roof.

Extended Warranty
Lastly our extended warranty gives you that extra satisfaction and sense of security.